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Engine System Maintenance
Product name: Engine lubrication and protection (for new vehicles)
Model: ID-1001
Packaging specification: 300ml*20

Features: This product uses the advanced technology, and containsunique “strong protection and repair factors” to avoid shortening the life due to early wear and tear of the engine, and applies to engines in run-in period and after overhauling. It can be used to:

1. Improve the anti-oxidation and lubricating properties of lubricants and extend the life of engine oil;

2. Improve the power performance and acceleration, and prolong engine life;

3. Clear colloid, carbon deposits, sludge and other sediments, and protect the normal work of the lubricating system;

4. Protect the engine, repair minor cracks and prevent internal rust;

5. Resist friction and wear, and reduce engine noise;

6. Apply to new vehicles in run-in period particularly. 
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