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How to choose Right Engine Coolant

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Whichcoolant&anti-freeze I can choose for my car.It can appear tricky to theuninitiated, but isn't as difficult as it seems. All one needs is the rightknow-how, and this Ido Technology is where you'll find it all.

 Weknow that the energy required to drive a car is obtained by the combustionoffuel in the engine. The process of burning of fuel leads to the formationofheat, which can melt the metal parts of the engine, causing irreversibledamage. Hence, the need for a coolant system.

 Thefunction of the coolant system is to keep the engine from overheating. Acoolantis a mixture of anti-freeze and water, and its function is to transfer the heatbuilding up in the engine, to the radiator. It also works to keep the car fromfreezing in regions that experience sub-zero temperatures.

Types of Engine Coolants:

InorganicAcid Technology(IAT)

OrganicAcidTechnology (OAT)

 HybridOrganicAcid Technology (HOAT)

 Tips to Choose the RightCoolant

 Nowthatwe know what are the different types of coolants, let us see how you can chooseone.

1.Referto the Owner's Manual

 Whenwe talk about the owner's manual, we mean the owner's manual of your car. Mostautomobile manufacturers use only one type of coolant in all their vehicles.Forexample, Honda and Toyotause OAT. In that case, one look at your car's manualcan make the task at hand easier for you, as you'll have an idea about the typeof coolant to choose.Also, look for the coolant inhibitor rating for yourvehicle. In case, you've misplaced the manual, worry not! All you need to do isvisit the manufacturer'swebsite, and you'll have all the desired information atyour fingertips.

 2.Checkthe Current Coolant

Itisnever recommended that you use a mixture of two or more types of coolants inyour car, because doing so can cause damage to your engine. Also, addingahigh-grade coolant to a low-grade coolant does not result in an increase intheservice life of the latter. In fact, the resultant service life is alwaysequalto that of the lower-grade coolant. Thus, you should check the coolantyou'recurrently using, and then choose one that belongs to the same family. Youcan check the presence of inhibitors or additives in the coolant using 

arefractometer, hydrometer, or test strips.

 3.Considerthe Service Life

 Theservice life of a coolant is the time period after which it needs to be completely flushed out of the car's system. When choosing a coolant, it'simportant to consider how frequently you are ready to get your car coolantsystem flushed.

 4.Optfor Well-known Brands

Whatmakes any brand popular is the quality of its products, and it is no differentfor coolants. The popular ones, such as Engine Ice and thermal take, providegreater protection to your engine and prevent corrosion.

 5.Consultan Expert

 Ifyou still have queries regarding the choice of an engine coolant, thenbetterask an expert who can help you. Why not just ask the mechanic who repairsyour car? He's sure to have a few useful tips up his sleeve that he'll happilyshare with you.

 6.ConsiderYour Budget

 Howmuch are you ready to spend on your coolant? Considering your budget isimportant, because it is recommended that you should go for the highest qualitycoolant you can afford so isn't it easy to choose a coolant? Well, itdefinitely is. All you need to knowis what to look for.





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